WK 28 … Opti Upgrade Training

Opti Driver Training on Vee Jay 40569One of the Naples Community Sailing Center Opti kids, who also happens to spend summers on Optis at Sail Newport, decided to tag along with his dad … Steve O, who races on Temptress in NPT.

Sunday’s program A was geared to whipping down S [and upwind] to see the Marco SAMI Regatta program. Unfortunately Vee Jay just didn’t have enough crew to handle both days of racing especially with crew bailing north for the great cool weather .. in fact we didn’t have enough crew for Sat. at all.

So OK … Di … as we now call him … races on Optis all year long. Duh. So it was no surprise to us to see him take over with a natural close haul performance. We’re thinking we may see him again next year checking out more foredeck action with TK. This was his first time driving a ‘big’ boat.