Wk 20 … 2 too windy/cold — 1 nice

combo2182013Every time the wind comes hard [30+ kts] out of the NW here in Naples we can pretty much forget about our J/30 Spin sailing runs … especially when it is cold … that is in the low 60s.
But President’s Day was nice … wind out of the East, over 15 and gusty above. Keith wanted to run the F31 trimaran and Brian stepped up to help on a photo shoot. The F31 maxed out at 18 kts, Vee Jay was just barely able to hit 8 on gusts. Tim, nearly a 10 year veteran on the Vee Jay/Seven sailing programs, was back at the tiller.

Julian, from last year’s crew stopped by earlier to say hello, and show off his new Honda project car. Duh … these guys turn 17, start driving, get jobs … and sailing becomes low priority … except in this case he looks like he has nabbed a scholarship for a week adventure during Easter break. See http://www.collierschools.com/students/docs/OB2013.pdf .
Last June he was part of a motley crew that took J/24 Bang! over to Ft. Jefferson … a straight 110 mile shot ~SSW across the Gulf from Naples.