WK 18 … Two Great Days on Gulf

Crew rotating through for a good-wind, flat Saturday with wind from NE. Sunday was a lumpy 4-6 ft. wave, NNW ~15 kts . Some decent waves, one of which capsized a stonecrab fishing boat 4 miles off Gordon Pass, triggering its EPIRB a couple of miles from us. The County Sheriff’s boat responded to the Coast Guard call and scooped them out before we needed to divert. The guys, not the claws! Today’s paper reported it took about an hour and a half to get out to get them after the capsize.

We had dodged through those crab pots buoys on Saturday, but clung a bit closer to the coast on Sunday.

Brian, Heather and Denise run spin pole practice J30 40569

We elected to not spin on Sunday, but Brian did do pole setup practice on moving foredeck with Heather and Denise as we returned south.

A good day to test seasickness … everyone passed.

This week Brian and Keith of the F31 are scheduled to do a quick F31 run down to KW/Ft. Jefferson. I’m sure they will have stories to tell on their return.

Vee Jay Crew photos 2/2/2013