Starting the year with a new driver

Vee Jay J30 40569 Driving School

Was a slow week after Xmas with low crew levels, but TK’s brother decided he wanted to learn how to drive … on his way to earning another badge for cub scouts … wait … cub scout badge for driving a J30?

Faced with the relatively confusing left is right and right is left tiller training mantra of the past … we decided to use a technique we’ve been experimenting with on visually handicapped drivers.

We have them hold the smooth steel handle and just follow along as we drive the boat … slowly driving less and less as the new driver burns those synapses and neural pathways into his brain. This photo sort of summarizes the program, starting with the “no fear because the skipper has control with two fingers on the stick.”

Interestingly at some point the new driver realizes that he, and he alone, is driving the boat … not in the least concerned that left is right and right is left.

At which point they want to take over. Nice for an 8 year old on a J30 driving for his first day.